Clubs and Associations

Clubs @ MIIM

Clubs and associations that drive the creative “little masters” out and the ravishing cultural nights are all part of these memories. MIIM promotes a value-based learning culture. While preparing the professionals here for corporate life, MIIM drives into them the basic values which makes them different and better.

MERCADO- The Marketing Club

The vibrant marketing club of MIIM provides the students with ample opportunities in identifying various needs and requirements of the campus and respond with relevant goods and services creatively. The club also organizes interactions with working professionals at various levels from different sectors.


  • To generate interest in the stream of marketing.
  • To apply the marketing concepts learned in the class with real-life situations.
  • To enhance the marketing skill of the students.


  • Designing & marketing various  Competitions
  • Marketing different Goods and services
  • Interaction with the Marketing Managers from various sectors
  • Managing the Retail store on the campus
  • National Seminar
  • Marketing Plan contest
  • Partnering with an SME as a marketing consultant
  • Assist the MDPs of the Marketing Department

Finance Club – Finex

Finex is the  Finance  Club of MIIM and a platform for acquiring financial knowledge, a place for interactive learning and an ideal club to facilitate career development for finance students.  It is a club that connects students of MBA, alumni, industry experts and academicians. Finance club also conducts debate and discussions, handles fund management and trading games which help them to learn more about the stock market, portfolio management and financial analysis. It provides a forum for financial research and analysis, and publish their research findings.

Key activities of the year are;

  • Stock market game -online stock trading game and portfolio management
  • Dezbatter  – an exclusive finance debate to discuss and present various finance-related issues and news
  • Finance quiz- National level finance quiz to enrich the knowledge in the areas of finance
  • External speaker series and workshops on online stock trading and portfolio management
  • Workshops on Mutual funds analysis and  investments Certificate courses on mutual funds and capital markets
  • National level finance seminar- This is for research and discussion on financial matters.
  • Career development programmes.-Focused workshops conducted by industry professionals on various career options to understand the business, job requirements, skill identification and key skills required to secure finance related jobs.

Entrepreneurial Development Club (E-Cube)

E-Cube aims at:

  • Developing entrepreneurial orientation among students and finding out future business leaders.
  • Giving training and development for those students who have the entrepreneurial passion and helping them start their own ventures in future.
  • Making the activities of EDC reach the local entrepreneurs.
  • Starting an exclusive educational program on entrepreneurship in future.
  • Launching a product by the club and selling it outside.

Previous Year Events:

  • Idukki Impact Idea Challenge
  • Talk Show by IMC

This Year Events:

  • Inauguration & Website Launch
  • Talk Show & Product Launch
  • WED Celebrations
  • EDC Seminar & B Plan Contest
  • Industrial Visit
  • Honouring successful entrepreneurs (a young entrepreneur, a women entrepreneur or a successful entrepreneur) from the nearby locality
  • Exhibition


Vox Populi is dedicated to fostering the team quotient of students with a thrust on life skill development. Club activities are designed with an objective of enhancing the managerial acumen of students through programmes like HBR (Harvard Business Review) Discussion Forum and SAGA – An intercollegiate workshop series. HR Club is committed to inculcating value orientation in students through social sensitization programmes like visits to Orphanages.  HR Club members were instrumental for the success of the National Conference on “Equipping a Competent Workforce – A Catalyst for India’s Growth.”


Thanal – The Nature Club of MIIM focuses on taking pleasure from the fortune of biodiversity, taking a stroll in the breathtaking landscape and being a part of conserving nature in its purity. Rains, flowing streams, waterfalls, cloud-embraced hills, beautiful lush greenery, widespread tea plantations, butterflies, birds and some wild and domestic animals of the hills await us for learning.

The need for a team of young minds – both first and second years- to work for nature conservation always shimmered in and around the campus. Inspired and aspired by the changes seen from people organizing their own communities worldwide, to combat flora and fauna, a desire to save the deteriorating Earth emanated among the students.


  • To help students gain knowledge about the environment
  • To motivate the students to improve their own campus environment
  • To enable them to solve local environmental problems
  • To involve nearby school children in enhancing and preserving nature through Club activities.


  • Workshops on nature-related topics
  • Nature camps and Awareness programmes in the forest
  • Trekking
  • Awareness programmes for MIIM students as well as nearby schools and college students on the need for plastic-free campus need for planting more trees etc.

Entertainment club – ESTRELLA

The experience of being entertained has come to be strongly associated with amusement so that one common understanding of the idea is fun and laughter although many entertainments have a serious purpose. This may be the case in the various forms of ceremonies, celebrations, religious festivals, or satires for example. Hence, there is the possibility that what appears as entertainment may also be a means of achieving insight or intellectual growth.

MIM’s Entertainment Club is functioning well.  Its aim of creating an atmosphere of harmony, peace and keeping the campus active is achieved.  Moreover, it also enables the students to bond among themselves.  Without giving too much importance to religious aspects we celebrate Onam, Deepavali and Christmas with pomp and colourful activities.  Other external activities like Rainbow, MIM  Youth Festival, Film Fest, Picnic to various places and a National & International tour are carried out every year.